The need for strengthening may arise from deterioration, change in use, change in design code, structural defects and seismic conditions. Structural Specialties utilizes the latest technologies to develop innovative strategies to restore or add load carrying capacities to bridges, buildings, silos, industrial plants, Water retaining structures.

Stabilization is the process of halting an unwanted situation from progressing, such as cement grouting the soil around a settling structure to stop further movement.

Since strengthening and stabilization methods are closely related, they are often used in combination.

Many techniques are available to strengthen and stabilize structures. These techniques include the addition of Steel, FRP composite systems, Micro concrete or other specialized materials to existing members, or by modification of foundation soils.

Structural Specialties provides economical strengthening solutions for structures requiring load capacity upgrades, drawing form many years of experience.

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Basic principal for civil structure solutions is the source of the problems are addressed and it prevent re-occurrence in the future.